Cha Hak-yeon confirmed for new tvN drama from The Uncanny Counter production team

The production team from The Uncanny Counter have created a new superhero-themed drama called Bad and Crazy. The drama is said to feature never-before-seen heroes that are needed by our generation. It focuses on the story of an opposite-personality duo that must learn to work together.

Rising actor Cha Hak-yeon (Mine) has just confirmed his role in the drama. He is set to play a small-town rookie cop named Oh Kyung-tae, who’s the youngest on the force, and a caring person who can’t pass by anyone in need. Although he looks pure and simple-minded, he’s actually very detail-oriented when it comes to his work, and he pursues leads until the end.

While talking about the role, Cha Hak-yeon said: “The script was so fun that I didn’t know the time was passing when I read it. Although [Oh Kyung-tae] seems like a gullible novice cop, he works hard to protect the things he needs to until the end, and that side of him made a deep impression on me. I worried a lot about acting in the role of Kyung-tae, but due to our great director and my actor sunbaes, I’m enjoying filming.”

Friday-Saturday drama Bad and Crazy, directed by Yoo Seon-dong (The Uncanny Counter) and written by Kim Sae-bom, will air on tvN this December.

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