Kim Min-seok to lead new JTBC drama as a singer completing his military service

A new JTBC drama called Bloody Romance is in the works, and actor Kim Min-seok (Lovestruck in the City) has been confirmed as the lead. Kim has played the lead in recent movies as well as shorter drama specials, but this marks his first leading role in a longer running show.

The story involves a South Korean world star whose life turns upside down when he starts his army duty and runs into a female soldier from North Korea.

Kim Min-seok takes on the central role of the world-famous South Korean singer. Although still young, he’s amassed a collection of awards and has broken several records in his career. Up until recently, he had also maintained a clean public image with nary a scandal to mar his good name. However, he suddenly gets embroiled in a suspicious conspiracy, and enlists to begin his army service as a result. Just when he expects things to get back to normal, though, fate throws him another twist.

Directing for the drama is PD Park Kwang-choon with scripts written collaboratively by Kwon Hee-kyung and Park Hyun-jin. JTBC drama Bloody Romance is currently in the planning stages and aiming to broadcast in early 2022.

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