Park Eun-bin personifies lonely Joseon prince in The King’s Affection

Upcoming KBS sageuk-romance The King’s Affection has released a teaser poster and stills of Park Eun-bin (Do You Like Brahms?) playing Crown Prince Lee Hwi of Joseon.

The King’s Affection, based on a webtoon by the same name, is a story of palace intrigue. Park Eun-bin was born a royal twin, but she was lost in the shadows while her brother was celebrated as the crown prince. When he died, however, she was forced to take on his identity in order to survive.

Playing the crown prince’s teacher is Kim Ro-woon (Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick). As he learns the true identity of this aloof, lonely royal, a secret attraction and forbidden love develops, threatening everything that she’s tried so hard to protect.

In any other poster, I would have lived for this height difference, but honestly, I think having Park Eun-bin looking up at her subject weakens the impact of the image a bit. That said, Park Eun-bin looks amazing in the traditional crown prince garb, and she’s already got that serious king-to-be aura down.

Directed by Song Hyun-wook (Oh Hae-young Again) and Lee Hyun-seok, and written by Han Hee-jung (Clean With Passion for Now), The King’s Affection will premiere on October 11.

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